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    General Forum Rules

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    General Forum Rules

    Post by Winston Hovensmithe on Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:38 am



    Unless specified on the rule itself, the order of reprimands and bannings for breaking a rule is as follows.

    1st Offense: First Warning
    2nd Offense: Second Warning
    3rd Offense: One Day Ban
    4th Offense: One Month Ban
    5th Offense: Permanent IP Ban

    This is more of a guideline than a set-in-stone order. Depending on the severity of the transgression, it is possible for a staff member to skip to a more severe step in response.


    1.) Keep drama and altercations off the site. If you can help it, try to resolve issues with other members in PMs or chat applications away from the site. No one likes seeing drama when they log on so let's strive to make this a pleasant place to hang out!

    2.) If you have an issue with another member, contact staff through PM. If a member is ruining your time on the site then you are more than welcome to notify us so we can investigate for you and reprimand the member accordingly. You will remain anonymous for your protection. If you have a problem with a staff member then contact an admin.

    3.) Sexual harassment will not be tolerated in any situation. Any form of public sexual harassment will result in immediate action. If you feel someone is sexually harassing you in private (PMs, chat clients, etc.), then contact staff.

    4.) You can have 90 days of inactivity before you forfeit your inventories and quirks. All items, EXP, Titanaurum, and quirks on your characters will be forfeit and put up on the Black Market if you do not post for 90 days. This does not mean you can hop on and make a quick into forum post and then leave for another 89 days. It must be an RP post. Don't be surprised if you get all serious about leaving the site only to come back a few months later to find all your stuff is gone. If you post about needing to take a leave of absence, contact staff if you feel it will be longer than 90 days and we can discuss things.


    1.) Plagiarism is not tolerated in any case. If you post someone else's writing, art, or music for the purposes of passing it off as your own you will receive a one day ban. Further offenses will result in a permanent ban from the site followed by an IP ban. No exceptions. No NOT think you pull the wool over our eyes on this. Plagiarism is a crime and we take it very seriously. The internet makes it VERY easy to find other instances of a piece of art or writing so you will likely be found out eventually. Just don't do it.

    Things that count as plagiarism include any kind of intellectual property that was created by and/or belongs to another person. This means art, graphic designs, music, writing, characters, worlds, and other similar creative work. You can certainly use existing art as long as you do not claim it as something you made yourself. If you use existing art, music, etc, but you admit to it not being your own then you are fine.

    For example, Face Claims apply to this caveat since they're commonly made from existing art. Just don't claim that your FC is your own original artwork when it isn't. However, if you did actually draw your FC then great! You're a talented person and deserve praise for your work!

    2.) Double posting is prohibited unless you are in a solo RP thread. Breaking this rule will result in lost of post count and Titanaurum and your posts will be edited into one post. Break the rule twice and the same happens plus a warning. A third time results in the same plus a one day ban. The fourth break results in the same plus an IP ban from the site. Pretty sure we're being fairly lenient on this if you have four chances to get it right.

    3.) You are only allowed to be in a maximum of five RP threads at once. There are ways to raise this limit through merit applications, but if you haven't passed the merits then you must finish a thread before starting or joining a new one if you are at the limit of five.

    4.) Advertisements for other forums are to go in the Advertisement forum ONLY. If a staffer catches an ad for another website or forum anyplace else it will be deleted and you will receive a warning. Further incidents will result in a one day ban followed by an IP ban.

    5.) Spam is relegated to the Spam forum and ONLY that forum. Any spam posted elsewhere will be removed and the poster will be reprimanded. See the standard rule break flow.

    6.) Try to keep your posts to a PG13 rating. Language in posts can be tolerated in most instances as long as it isn't overtly gratuitous (If want an example; play Bulletstorm.). However, sexually explicit scenes are not allowed in any case. If you wanna ERP, do it somewhere else.


    1.) Do not advertise other sites. Casual conversation about it is okay, but do not recruit for your site in the chat box. If you wish to advertise your site, please make a thread in the Advertisement forum.

    2.) Embedded image or video links will be deleted. Links are fine, but embedding an image or video is very disruptive in the chat box. A clear of the chat box will be performed in the case of one of these. If you have to embed an image then put it in spoiler tags as well.

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