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    The Skill Slot Shop

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    The Skill Slot Shop

    Post by Winston Hovensmithe on Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:20 am


    Every character has a base maximum number of skill slots they can train skills for. In order to increase that number, you must spend Titanaurum to purchase more slots. Below, you will find the price of each slot based on rank.

    REMEMBER! The max number of slots anyone can have is 8 slots per rank except for Ranks 9 and 10 which cap at 3 slots. If you are at that limit then you cannot buy any more slots for that rank. The only way to get more is to donate or win slots in an event.

    To purchase a slot, copy and fill out this form in a post below.

    Character Name: [Your character's name]
    Number of Slots: [In this case, let's say 3.]
    Slot Ranks: [In this example, let's say 2 Rank 3 and 1 Rank 4]
    Total Price: [That would total to 50,000 T]

    Slot Purchase Form Code:


    [b]Character Name[/b]: [Your character's name]
    [b]Number of Slots[/b]: [In this case, let's say 3.]
    [b]Slot Ranks[/b]: [In this example, let's say 2 Rank 3 and 1 Rank 4]
    [b]Total Price[/b]: [That would total to 50,000 T]


    Rank 1 Slot: 5,000 T
    Rank 2 Slot: 10,000 T
    Rank 3 Slot: 15,000 T
    Rank 4 Slot: 20,000 T
    Rank 5 Slot: 25,000 T
    Rank 6 Slot: 35,000 T
    Rank 7 Slot: 45,000 T
    Rank 8 Slot: 55,000 T
    Rank 9 Slot: 100,000 T
    Rank 10 Slot: 200,000 T

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