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    One For All [Quirk]

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    One For All [Quirk]

    Post by Winston Hovensmithe on Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:16 am

    Item Name: One For All
    Item Type: Quirk - Modification (Non-Cosmetic)
    Item Price: 1,000,000T and One S+ Class Professional Hero or Supervillain Character
    Item Quantity: 2 (One for each faction)

    Item Description
    One For All is the result of a merging of two quirks. One day, a man who had the power to bestow other people with a quirk (that he had previously stolen with the quirk known as All For One) gave one of his favorite quirks to his brother. This quirk allowed him to gather all of his physical strength, speed, endurance, and agility and utilize it in focused bursts. The man's brother was already born with a quirk, but all it did was allow him to pass down his quirk to another person -- similar to his brother, but it only allowed him to copy his own quirk. Now that he had been given this new quirk, however, it somehow synergized with the quirk he was born with and created One For All.

    The true power of One For All is unknown as it gets stronger with every new user. The physical capabilities of the person that came before are copied and added to the abilities of the successor. Using the burst power of the quirk given to the originator of One For All, people blessed with this quirk can cause devastating and miraculous events such as complete destruction of a building with one punch, creating a raging whirlpool by making a flicking motion several feet away from a body of water, or even changing the weather itself with the air pressure generated by an attack. The physical feats capable of someone with One For All in its current state (which has been copied and passed down 10 times thus far making the new successor as powerful as 11 superheroes in one) are near godlike and will only grow stronger as its new young successor grows in power and learns to control the quirk.

    The only downside is the toll it takes on a novice user's body. The power unleashed by One for All is immense, but it can and will easily cripple the user if they haven't been training with the quirk for years. Novice and even sometimes expert users will find themselves breaking bones, ripping muscles, and frying nervous systems after one attack until they go through the rigors of attaining full mastery over the quirk. A process that takes over a decade of training and experimenting to pull off. As such, most users are one trick ponies for a good few years after being given the power. One big attack followed by uselessness.

    The legacy of One For All is dauntlessly protected. It is important that the people see someone using the quirk as one of them. A fellow human born with a natural quirk who they can look up to and aspire to be. This means that One For All's existence is a secret to all but those who use it and a choice few they can trust with the knowledge. Seeing as a user of One For All slowly loses their ability to use the quirk once they pass it on and their protege gains further mastery, this quirk is usually only used by one or two people in the entire world. Users are careful to keep their true power under wraps in public and only go full out if they absolutely need to.

    The legacy can also be felt in a literal sense by the successors for One For All in times of great need. Users of the quirk have noted seeing visions of a group of shadowy figures urging them forward, allowing them to miraculously get out of situations a normal person would be killed by. Many who see this believe it to be the lingering presence of their predecessors keeping the legacy of the power alive by keeping it's current user alive. At full mastery of the One For All, a successor can utilize this and access their predecessors' power to go beyond 100% of their own power at great expense to their own body.

    Base Perks:

    Active Perks:

    • Variable Power - At the cost of 5% of their max Stamina per attack, One For All users can add more of their stored physical power into one blow thanks to the nature of the original quirk that gives it its power. They can power up a skill by pumping more power into it. At different thresholds, the skill's damage is improved. At 10%, the improvement is by one rank, 25% by two ranks, 50% by three ranks, 75% by four ranks, and 100% by five ranks. If a skill is powered up to hit higher than Rank 8 damage then it uses the Rank 8+ rules. Every 25% added to the attack raises the Stamina cost by 5% (e.g. A 100% boost costs 25% of max Stamina). However, until the user reaches C Class, this comes at the price of damage to the user. At Trainee Class, the user will shatter the bones inside of the limb(s) involved (along with bruising covering the entire surface of the limb) in the skill for any boost beyond 10%, Intern/Shadow Class for any boost beyond 25%, and D Class for any boost beyond 50%. A limb damaged from this perk is useless until healed.

    • Miraculous Body - Four times per thread, a user of One For All can avoid an attack that the character cannot see or sense coming. This is possible because their body, empowered by One For All, picks up on the attack before their brain does and reacts in order to save itself. This perk has a four post cooldown and cannot be used again in that thread once used a total of four times.

    Passive Perks:

    • Godlike Endurance - Users of One For All possess not only the physical abilities of those before them, but also the physical endurance and constitution. As such, their physical defense is incredible. This defense grows as they gain greater mastery of their quirk. Growing from a 25% passive resistance to physical attacks (this includes physical elements) at Trainee Class to 35% at Intern/Shadow Class, 45% at D Class, 55% at C Class, 65% at B Class, 75% at A Class, 85% at S Class, and a whopping 100% resistance at S+ Class. The only time a user of One For All can take the full damage from a physical attack (or any damage at all at S+ Class) is when being attacked by another user of One For All or an Artificial Human made to mimic the physical strength of One For All.

    • Inspiring Power - One For All skills hit for one rank higher than the rank of the skill. So a Rank 1 skill would hit like a Rank 2 skill, Rank 2 as Rank 3, and so on. Rank 8 skills use the Rank 8+ rules.

    Required Perks and Skills:

    Required Passive Perk added at D Class:

    Beacon of Power - Upon attaining intermediate mastery of the quirk, the user finds their regular physical attacks and speed to be empowered permanently. D Class users enjoy a 25% passive buff to strength and speed, C Class a 35% buff, B Class a 45% buff, A Class a 55% buff, S Class a 65% buff, and S+ Class a 75% passive buff to strength and speed.

    Required Active Perk added at A Class:

    Legacy - A user of One For All can pass their powers on to a successor by having them ingest their DNA (a hair, a nail clipping, any part of their body -- but it has to be digested) and willing the transfer of the power. After this transfer is made, the original user can still make use of One For All, but as their successor gains greater mastery the remaining embers of the quirk slowly go out for the master. Eventually, the master will lose the use of One For All entirely.

    Required Skill added at S+ Class:

    Name: Plus Ultra
    Rank: 8
    Type: Buff, Extended
    Element: None
    Duration: 5 Posts
    Cooldown: 1 Thread

    Description: The user calls upon the presence of all of their predecessors and combines their power with their own to an even further extent than normal. While in this state, their normal attacks hit as hard as a Rank 6 Physical Skill and their abilities are boosted similarly to Variable Power, but at 150% (which equates to being 7 ranks higher). The cost of this awesome power is damage to their own body. This is the only time a true master of One For All will be able to hurt themselves like they did when first learning the quirk. Every post that the skill is active, the user takes Rank 6 internal damage. If the user is lucky enough to not fall to the ground after this effect ends, the damage stops and they resume as normal, but with ravaged insides.

    Special Price Meaning
    In order to obtain One For All as your quirk you must first get a character to S+ Class as either a Professional Hero or a Supervillain. Then, after paying the monetary price of the quirk, you must give me your character. That character will die and you will be permitted to make a brand new character with One For All as their Quirk. Your first RP as that character will be a solo thread involving them receiving the quirk from their mentor. If a character with One For All exists in your faction then your mentor will be that character and it will be a duo thread. You cannot use EXP bought with Plus Ultra Tokens on this new character. Enjoy your new godmode and happy RPing the rigors of mastering One For All!

    Now, while you cannot use purchased EXP on the character with One For All, you CAN use it on the character you're raising as your currency for it. If you want to pay the amount of real life money to get 1,000,000T and the EXP required to reach S+ Class in order to indirectly "purchase" One For All then I won't stop you. Of course, in the name of fairness, you can reserve your faction's stock of the quirk if you have an A Class or higher character that you have been raising for the purpose of acquiring One For All so that someone with deep pockets doesn't snipe you and throw away your hard work. However, you MUST give the character to me once they reach S+ Class. If you change your mind and want to keep using that character then you must give up your reservation.

    NOTE: Canon Quirks rules for activity apply to One For All. Meaning that you must prove you are active every month. If you fail the activity check then you forfeit the quirk.

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